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“I have had the opportunity of being in Dr. Ewart's team-building meetings, and they have helped our team. His material is relevant, practical and easy to understand. I recommend it to anyone for motivation and team building.”

Doug Randolph

Crew chief, Amoco Racing


“Dr. Ewart has worked with my athletes on several occasions ... These are national, international and Olympic-level athletes. He has helped them get to their next levels of performance and has made a measurable difference, which can be noted in their swim times.”

Michael Lohberg
Olympic swim coach


“Dr. Anthony Ewart helped our team become mentally sharper by developing synergy and by learning how to deal with the massive highs and lows our sport throws in our face, week in and week out. His methods and ideas have helped us to achieve our goals and learn how to channel our mental energy into positive results.”

Eddie D'Hondt

Team manager, Evernham Motorsports


“Dr. Tony Ewart has provided excellent material to help individuals and teams in coping with a variety of problems, and with the enhancement of their abilities for better performance. I highly recommend his courses.”

Max Helton

Founder, Motor Racing Outreach



Tony Ewart (third from right in back row) and the

Ward Burton CAT racing team in Victory Lane

at the 2002 Daytona 500

“The strategies in Dr. Anthony Ewart’s program are excellent. They help to build greater team performance by developing the inner strength of its members and furthering corporate synergy. His material has helped our team make positive changes for moving to the next levels.”

Tommy Baldwin, Jr.

2002 crew chief for CAT Winston Cup Racing Team


“... Dr. Ewart's time and effort are what made it possible for us to get back into a normal routine. Every now and again, something reminds me of our day together. That visit meant so much. ...

It is important for me to remember all those people who made our trying time bearable. Tony was one of those people and will not be forgotten.”

Frank Macchia

Ladder 43, New York Fire Department

(Ladder 43 firefighters were victims of the World Trade Center tragedy on September 11, 2001.)

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