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Tony Ewart was attracted to speed from an early age. While growing up in Charlotte, North Carolina and later just outside of Annapolis, Maryland, Tony combined his interest in racing go-karts with the lessons imparted by his father, a World War II and Korean War combat pilot who retired as an Eastern Airlines pilot. Tony learned from his father to incorporate his love of speed with the study of human performance. This inspired him to obtain a PhD in psychology from a non traditional school in 1996, to establish a formal background for his life's work.

Tony's interest in speed led him to become involved with the world of NASCAR, where he has worked with race crews to improve their performance and team skills. Consulting with both individuals and groups, Tony teaches people to stay motivated, accelerate their learning curves, improve performance under stress, function better in team environments and even enhance their family lives. He has applied these principles, not only to NASCAR teams, but also to Olympic athletes, Fortune 500 companies,

NYFD firefighters who survived 9/11 and to others seeking to improve their lives.


Tony lives in Coral Springs, Florida. He is married to his high school sweetheart Connie and has four children.

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Performance Thoughts


As the string provides resistance for the kite against the pressure of the wind so it can soar,

So must we provide resistance to the pressures of life so we can soar.

For without pressure and resistance, neither will soar.



Every dream needs to be connected to a cause to get through the process and achieve the dream. A cause is the reason for the dream and a dream is what the cause will produce. The cause is the anchor and motivation for the dream. Martin Luther King said, “I have a dream,” but he also had a cause that was greater than his dream. Men do not give their lives because of dreams, but rather because of the causes connected to their dreams. Many have dreams but go nowhere, for dreams are hollow without a cause.

The cause is more important than the dream itself. The dream may look glamorous and magnificent, but it can become selfish. The journey brings the dream down to reality. But that journey also can distort, cloud and kill the dream. The cause conquers the fears, overcomes the struggles, and looks death in the face and defies it. The cause looks beyond it all to find that there is more to the dream than the dream itself.



Risk-taking in racing is not about how dangerously you live, but how safely you can live in a dangerous environment to achieve victory.

Risk-taking for success is not about how dangerously you live, but how safely you can traverse through the dangers of everyday life to achieve success.


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Tony became a Christian at nine years old, and his faith is a major component of his life and work. Recognizing the common ground we all share, he prides himself on applying universal principles from his faith to people from all walks of life. His deep belief in God's ability to help people overcome great challenges is reflected in his work, as well as in his everyday life.

Tony has worked as an assistant chaplain with Motor Racing Outreach, which conducts chapel services and Bible studies for racing teams and their families. As a further expression of his deep faith, Tony formed the non-profit Liberty Christian Centre in the 1980s. Located in Oviedo, Florida, the organization's vision is to provide liberty and hope, and their mission is to honor all men, heal hearts and transform lives.


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